We pride ourselves on providing an excellent product at very reasonable prices. There are never 2 projects that are 100% the same. We design and build every project with client specific needs in mind.

Residential Property - Craighall park

We installed a 3 phase full hybrid system with the following specifications:
• 20 x 330 W Solar panels (6.6 KW peak Pv power)
• Mounting system with a 15 deg lift to bring the panels 5 deg North facing. The roof was on the South side which is not preferable for solar panels. After lifting the panels, they faced 5 deg North which is an improved position. The ideal angle would have been between 20 and 30 deg. But the client did not want the panels to be seen from the street
• We installed a 10 Kw 3 phase fully hybrid inverter with a new smart meter to control the back feeding / or not into the grid
• Then we installed a 7.2Kwh Lithium Ion battery bank
• To control the system remotely we used a Centurion Solar system. This system integrates the smart charging with data logging and remote access and includes an app based interface
• All safety measures were also put in place with a new client AC distribution board; AC and DC combiner boxes; Change over switch (in case the system needs to be bypassed); Battery fuses and surge protection
• When the system was fully installed, we commissioned and tested all components to see that everything performed as planned and issued a new COC on the PV System.

Residential Property - Craighall park

We did a single phase house installation with the following specifications:
The client had an old school 5 Kw inverter with 4 x 12V 100Ah lead acid batteries and wanted to insure longer backup time with load shadding issues in their area.
Our advice was to make use of the sun as a source of energy to extend the period of backup we could give him and to save some money in the process too.
So we designed and installed the following system for him:
• We wanted a “smart” inverter that could give enough backup but could also push the excess energy back into the loads above the inverter if there is extra energy. So we used a fully Hybrid Goodwe 4.6 Kw inverter for this single phase system
• We also provided 15x330 Watt solar panels with a total of 4.9 Kw peak power. This will give excellent backup and should also produce enough to charge his batteries
• For the batteries, we went with Pylontech Li/Ion 2.4 Kwh units that we stacked 3 in parallel to give a total of 7.2 Kwh of backup. These intelligent batteries can also be used daily to convert the saved energy into useful power at night. We keep 50% of the charge in reserve for blackouts to ensure that the client is not left in the dark
• The system is fully integrated Solar / Inverter / Batteries with a full online monitoring platform
• To integrate the system, we had to redo the clients main as well as sub distribution boards
• COC was issued after testing and commissioning.

Residential Property

A client contacted us with an installation that another contractor had installed, and complained that the PV installation did not perform as expected.
We went to his home and found the following:
• No rails and roof hooks into the roof structure were used. The panels basically hung on steel loops
• The panels were on all roof angles: North, South, East and West
• All panels were on mixed strings
• No data logging or monitoring system had been installed
• No safety measures were in place, for example, DC and AC breakers, surge protection or battery fuses
• 3 x single phase inverters were used on a 3 phase installation - all on the same phase.

We then investigated the best solution for this problem.
We could only use his PV panels as well as his Li/ion batteries.
We designed and installed a completely new hybrid 3 phase system.
The following work was completed:
• New main DB with smart meter and loads balanced over 3 phases
• We removed all of the PV panels and built a custom structure on his roof to accommodate all panels at the same roof angle. There was not enough space on the roof to do it any other way. We also expanded the amount of panels to maximise the use of his roof space
• We then stripped out the old system and re-installed a completely new installation with a 10 KW 3 phase hybrid inverter
• We supplied and installed a remote monitoring and control system
• We commissioned it and started with monitoring to maximise the use of the system.

Residential Property - Weltevreden Park

We installed the following system in Weltevreden Park for a client that required a backup solution when the power goes off.
The system gives the full advantages of using the sun when it is available and storing the excess energy for later use when the sun is not shining.
We installed a full hybrid inverter with a 3.3 Kw PV solar panel array and a 4.8 Kwh Li/ion battery backup. The whole system is remotely accessible to get feedback on the operation of your system. Real time - anywhere in the world! We advised the client on how to use the system to its maximum with remote access to the data and feedback and on how to set the inverter to make use of its full potential.