We cover residential, commercial and industrial electrical services in the Johannesburg and surrounding areas. This can range from new construction installation to changing a light bulb - we cover all electrical needs

Choosing an ECASA Certified Electrician Johannesburg

When you choose PowerworX Electrical for your electrician Johannesburg needs, not only do we ensure you receive top notch customer satisfaction, but with our fully trained and ECASA (Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa) Certified electrician services who base themselves in Johannesburg, you can be assured the service you will receive is safe and of a consistently high standard adhering and abiding to all ECASA's fundamental values, meeting all your electrical needs, you can rest assure we will look after your best interests. We are registered with the following regulatory bodies:

  • Electrical Contracting Association of South Africa
  • Electrical Conformance Board
  • Department of Labor - Registered Electrical Contractor

Residential electrician services

We at PowerworX Electrical understand when you invite us into your home that your main priority is for the safety for your loved ones; this too is our main priority, so our fully trained ECASA certified electricians who are trained onsite at our Johannesburg branch, will advise and implement the safest and most effect way of meeting your needs. Our services include garage doors, lights, electrical fencing, plugs, wiring and much more covering Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

Commercial electrician contracting

When choosing an electrical provider we at PowerworX Electrical appreciate that the service you require must be quick and effective as not to disrupt your workforce and deter clients/ customers. Which is why, when using PowerworX Electrical our team who are based in Johannesburg, work constantly to maintain the professionalism of your company keep up appearances. We work together with all our clients ensuring the best results at the best price.

Light Industrial services

From the start we work together with you to ensure all aspects and needs are covered. We can design and build a tailored made service to meet all your industrial needs and desires. Having worked with many major industrial companies throughout Gauteng and Johannesburg, we have built a strong reputation and become one of the top leaders in this field. All of our fully trained electricians, are certified and abide by ECASA's fundamental values and ethics ensuring all health and safety regulations are met.

PowerworX Electrical have a team of electricians that have extensive experience in the following fields:

Solar Installations

PowerworX Electrical have installed more than 6 Mega Watts up to date that include some of the biggest roof top PV installations in Gauteng. We will be able to help you with your solar PV solution. PowerworX Electrical can provide a full turnkey PV solution. PowerworX Electrical also will be able to maintain your installation.

Electrical Maintenance

One of our main fields of expertise are general electrical maintenance. Powerworx Electrical pride ourselves in the fact that we keep our clients electrical installations operational. This include home installations to big factory setups. From new modern electrical systems running on the latest programmable logic controllers (PLC) to 60 year old infrastructure were a great deal of ingenuity are called for. PowerworX Electrical are in the business of building long term relationships with our clients, we understand our field, and provide our clients with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions regarding their responsibility toward the SANS 1042-2, and the need to be economical without loosing out on production.

Certificate of Compliance (COC) inspections

PowerworX Electrical have a dedicated team that deal with COC inspections and repairs. We have been doing this since 2006 and are continuing to serve our loyal base of costumers in this regard. We will be able to help you through this sometimes difficult process. We provide a honest report of your installation based on the SANS 1042-2 code, and will also do all necessary alterations to make your electrical installation compliant to the code.

Alternative power

PowerworX Electrical can help with various backup power solutions and have the knowledge to advice and implement the solution. We work with and have extensive experience with UPS / Inverters / Generators / PV Solar installations / Battery banks

For more information on the above or any further information which is not detailed, our team would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us. We our based in Johannesburg, but cover the whole of Gauteng. We can provide you with a tailored quote and detailed service plan.

For further information, our team would love to hear from you. We are based in Johannesburg, but cover the whole of Gauteng.

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